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Washing is not the favorite activity for most, but it is a job that still has to be done. To keep your dresses and other clothing looking like new for as long as possible, it is important that you know how to wash the item. It is useful that each item of clothing has a washing label on the side of the item that describes exactly how best to wash it, but also what not to wash it.

Washing, it is not the favorite activity for most, but it is such a job that has to be done. To keep your dresses and other clothes looking as new for as long as possible, it is important that you know how to wash the article. Conveniently, every garment has a washing label in the side of the article that describes exactly how you can best wash it, but also how not to wash it.

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Many brands always wash their new products in different ways to ensure that their quality meets what their customers can expect.

And what else can I do to keep my clothes as beautiful as possible?

Well for that we have some tips for you! If you have any tips leave a comment! ;)

- Always wash items inside out; this way you get less friction with other garments
- Fabric softener is not really necessary. Yes of course you like that added scent, but did you know that regular detergent already contains fabric softener?
- Your clothes hanger is also important. By choosing the right hanger you avoid bumps on the shoulder area or hooks. In particular, the not so smooth plastic hangers sometimes contain sharp pieces.
- It is not wise to wear your favorite dress too often as this will not promote the lifespan. So let that dress hang and buy a new one! ;)
- Do not wash your clothes too often. Sometimes it is enough to air your garment outdoors. Washing always causes minor wear, which is often unnecessary.
- You DO NOT put clothes in the dryer! That's really a no-go! The dryer provides wear such as pilling and fluff and will sometimes also cause shrinkage.
- Use a laundry bag to keep your clothes as beautiful as possible and protect them from zippers, buttons, and hooks of other clothing items. Close zippers / buttons / hooks of all items anyway.
- To remove unpleasant odors, you can add a small cup of natural vinegar in the pre-wash container. This will make your laundry cleaner and odors will disappear. It also helps to descale your machine!
- Hang your laundry immediately after washing so that it does not smell musty. Shaping the clothes in shape ensures that it is less wrinkled.
- Do you have a small grease stain? Rub the spot with some washing-up liquid and put it in the washing machine. The detergent will dissolve the fat and make your item come out flawless again! Milk is also an ideal way to remove stains. Dab the stain with milk or let the garment soak in milk for some time and stains disappear like snow in the sun!
- Make sure you sort your laundry and wash the color / white and dark laundry separately. With multi-colored garments, you pretend that the colors are pots of paint. What color do you get when you mix red paint with white paint? Pastel pink. It is therefore best to wash this t-shirt together with pastel colored pieces. If you are not sure whether an article will give off in color, put it in a top water with a splash of natural vinegar for a few hours.


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