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Festive Collection

Exclusively at Dresses Boutique in Sittard you will find the collections of SWING , Frank Lyman , Josepf Ribkoff & Vera Mont . These two beautiful brands offer the most festive and elegant dresses for weddings, galas, communicants-mothers, anniversaries and so on. If you have a festive event planned, we have the perfect dress for you! We can dress you from A to Z so that you are completely ready!

567 products

  • Fiani jumpsuit 243794 Nude Fiani jumpsuit 243794 Nude

    Joseph Ribkoff Fiani jumpsuit 243794 Nude


  • Shinay dress 243729 Shinay dress 243729

    Joseph Ribkoff Shinay dress 243729


  • Nissa dress 248119U Nissa dress 248119U

    Frank Lyman Nissa dress 248119U


  • Sensa dress 243146 Sensa dress 243146

    Joseph Ribkoff Sensa dress 243146


  • Faux Fur Straight Coat Faux Fur Straight Coat

    Joseph Ribkoff Faux Fur Straight Coat


  • Semi dress Semi dress

    Joseph Ribkoff Semi dress


  • Angela jumpsuit Summernight Green Angela jumpsuit Summernight Green
  • Slenda dress Slenda dress

    SWING Slenda dress


  • Chiffon X Brick Red Chiffon X Brick Red

    SWING Chiffon X Brick Red


  • Chiffon X Summernight Green Chiffon X Summernight Green
  • Gelze dress Gelze dress

    SWING Gelze dress


  • Tita dress Tita dress

    SWING Tita dress


  • Bentia dress Bentia dress

    SWING Bentia dress


  • Angela jumpsuit Brick Red Angela jumpsuit Brick Red

    SWING Angela jumpsuit Brick Red


  • Miana dress Miana dress

    SWING Miana dress


  • Fenoni dress Nude Fenoni dress Nude

    Joseph Ribkoff Fenoni dress Nude


  • Manine dress Manine dress

    Joseph Ribkoff Manine dress


  • Kiana dress Kiana dress

    Joseph Ribkoff Kiana dress


  • Envy bolero Shiny Coral Envy bolero Shiny Coral

    Vera Mont Envy bolero Shiny Coral


  • Chalsay dress Chalsay dress

    Vera Mont Chalsay dress


  • Verdani dress 243703 Verdani dress 243703

    Joseph Ribkoff Verdani dress 243703


  • Faux Fur Cover-Up Faux Fur Cover-Up

    Joseph Ribkoff Faux Fur Cover-Up


  • Dinea dress 243735 Dinea dress 243735

    Joseph Ribkoff Dinea dress 243735


  • Flira dress 243755 Flira dress 243755

    Joseph Ribkoff Flira dress 243755


  • Vima dress 243765 Vima dress 243765

    Joseph Ribkoff Vima dress 243765


  • Milunia dress 243795 Milunia dress 243795

    Joseph Ribkoff Milunia dress 243795


  • Vita coat 243923 Champagne Vita coat 243923 Champagne

    Joseph Ribkoff Vita coat 243923 Champagne


  • Ladia dress Ladia dress

    Joseph Ribkoff Ladia dress


  • Jacquard cape Jacquard cape

    Joseph Ribkoff Jacquard cape


  • Lara jumpsuit Black Lara jumpsuit Black

    Vera Mont Lara jumpsuit Black


  • Lara jumpsuit Real Purple Lara jumpsuit Real Purple

    Vera Mont Lara jumpsuit Real Purple


  • Michaela dress Michaela dress

    Vera Mont Michaela dress


  • Angela jumpsuit Mauve Purple Angela jumpsuit Mauve Purple
  • Sanella dress 243322 Sanella dress 243322

    Joseph Ribkoff Sanella dress 243322


  • Frank Lyman verkooppunt Dresses Boutique jurkenwinkel Sittard

    Frank Lyman Isadora dress 242110


  • Milli dress 243754 Milli dress 243754

    Joseph Ribkoff Milli dress 243754


  • Hurze dress Hurze dress

    SWING Hurze dress


  • Vianca dress Velvet Red Vianca dress Velvet Red

    Vera Mont Vianca dress Velvet Red


  • Miste dress Miste dress

    Vera Mont Miste dress


  • Tulla dress Tulla dress

    Vera Mont Tulla dress


  • Lilly jumpsuit Lilly jumpsuit

    Vera Mont Lilly jumpsuit


  • Monte bolero Dark Emerald Monte bolero Dark Emerald

    Vera Mont Monte bolero Dark Emerald


  • Vianca dress Nightsky Vianca dress Nightsky

    Vera Mont Vianca dress Nightsky


  • Envy bolero Deep Wine Envy bolero Deep Wine

    Vera Mont Envy bolero Deep Wine


  • Fancy stola Deep Wine Fancy stola Deep Wine

    Vera Mont Fancy stola Deep Wine


  • Fancy stola Dark Emerald Fancy stola Dark Emerald

    Vera Mont Fancy stola Dark Emerald


  • Fancy stola Nightsky Fancy stola Nightsky

    Vera Mont Fancy stola Nightsky


  • Envy bolero Dark Emerald

    Vera Mont Envy bolero Dark Emerald


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