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A department full of pearls...

You've probably seen images of celebrities on the red carpet. Each and every one of them shone in beautiful creations. Think of a lush evening dress studded with sequins, dresses with refined feathers, or a tightly fitted satin dress where the simplicity emphasizes the true beauty.

With us you don't have to worry about showing off (well, very occasionally). A rich variety of dresses awaits in our gala department, and it can even be a challenge to make a choice.

Of course we will assist you to make your choice easier. We offer you all the help you need to find the dress for the special occasion together.

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  • An appointment is not necessary, but is possible *
  • Sizes from 32 to 54
  • Ready from head to toe for this important evening!
  • Gala dresses for every age

* NB: Our gala department is only open for customers who are seriously looking for a gala dress. If you just want to orientate yourself, you can do this by viewing all the dresses on our website at your leisure. At quiet times we can sometimes let you take a look, but this depends on when you come and whether there are no customers who are seriously looking for an outfit at that moment and need our help.

Frequently asked questions & answers

Icon for questionDo I have to make an appointment to come shopping?

No, you can just drop by during our regular opening hours. These can be found at the bottom left of this page.

Please note: Our gala department is only open to customers who are seriously looking for a gala dress. If you just want to orientate yourself, you can do this by viewing all the dresses on our website. At quiet times we can sometimes let you take a look, but this depends on the moment.

You can make an appointment if you are unable to come during our regular opening hours. You can schedule this appointment via our calendar .

Icon for questionMag ik als minderjarige een jurk passen of kopen?

Ben jij nog minderjarig (jongers als 18 jaar)? Dan kun je helaas geen (gala)jurken bij ons passen of kopen. Wij willen graag iedereen van de beste service & advies voorzien en omdat we veel tijd besteden aan het helpen van al onze gewaardeerde klanten zul je dus met een voogd moeten komen om je jurk te passen en eventueel te kopen. Wij begrijpen dat dit wellicht teleurstellend is, echter willen wij er zorg voor dragen dat iedereen zo goed als mogelijk geholpen kan worden door onze stylisten en weten we uit ervaring dat ouders/je voogd er graag bij willen/wilt zijn.

Icon for questionHow big is your gala department?

Our gala department (opening early October 2022) is 200m2 and is full of the most breathtaking evening dresses. From maxi dresses to cocktails, from sequins to feathers, we have it!

Icon for questionHow expensive are your gala/evening dresses?

We have prom dresses in different price ranges. From an average of €100 to €700. The price mainly concerns the materials such as sequins, feathers, fabric, quantity of fabric, finish, and so on. The exclusivity of some items also counts.

Icon for questionDo you also rent out gala/evening dresses?

At Dresses Boutique we do not offer a rental service for gala dresses. However, we have a beautiful collection of prom dresses for sale from around €100, which you can view and try on in our store. It is good to keep in mind that renting a gala dress can quickly cost upwards of € 100 and any damage will be at your own expense.

Our expert staff is ready to help you find the perfect dress for your special occasion. If you have any questions about our collection or if we can assist you in any other way, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to welcoming you to our store!

Icon for questionDo you also sell lingerie?

We do not sell lingerie. For example, because some gala dresses have an open back, we sell very nice products from MAGIC Bodyfashion so that you can wear the dress without a bra and still have the support. Some dresses already have cups.

Icon for questionCan I bring my whole family to the boutique?

We advise you not to come with too many people. The more opinions, the more difficult it can be to arrive at a personal choice with which you feel completely comfortable. Our department is designed in such a way that it offers an intimate setting, where it is also important that other customers can try on and shop comfortably.

Icon for questionDo you have all dresses in all sizes?

We try to buy as many different dresses as possible. Because not every dress model is suitable for every size, it depends on the model which size or sizes we have. Sometimes it is possible to order a missing size.

Icon for questionIs it worth coming from far away?

We can answer a resounding "YES" to that question. We receive customers every day from all over the Netherlands, Belgium and the border areas of Germany. We have a lot of choice and most customers easily travel an average of 1.5 to 2 hours.

Icon for questionCan I reserve items?

Unfortunately we cannot reserve anything for you. Given the crowds and limited stock per dress, we want to keep it as fair as possible for everyone to find the dress.

Icon for questionDo you have an entertainment service?

We offer you the opportunity to have your dress altered to your liking by our dressmaker by appointment . The seamstress will pin your dress to your liking and the dress will be ready a week later.

We also work with a cutter in our city where you can walk in at any time and where the dress will be pinned for you according to your wishes.

Both options are entirely at your own expense, regardless of the amount you spend with us.

Icon for questionDo you pay any entertainment costs?

We do not reimburse alteration costs for a dress if it needs to be custom made. Any damage to a dress will of course be at our expense.

Icon for questionHelp, my favorite dress is sold out!

Every week we receive additions of new dresses and dresses that are already in the collection. Since we have a lot of choice, you don't have to worry about not finding a dress, after all, most ladies go out with a completely different dress than the one they had in mind! Crazy, huh? But for some reason we notice that many ladies don't really know what suits them and so they often come to the conclusion that something they thought would "definitely not" turn out to be the case after all!

Icon for questionCan I still exchange my purchase?

Are you not completely sure about your purchase? You can exchange your purchase for another item within 14 days.

Since you have plenty of time to try it on at your leisure and we provide you with advice from A to Z, there are no refunds or vouchers.

Icon for questionDo you also have a sale?

No, we are not discounting the gala/evening dress collections because they do not work with seasons as in regular casual fashion.

Icon for questionIs your gala department wheelchair accessible?

Our gala department is on the first floor and unfortunately there is no elevator. This department is therefore not wheelchair accessible.

Icon for questionDo you sponsor dresses?

We are asked this question almost every week and partly due to the number of requests, we refrain from sponsoring gala dresses for, for example, beauty pageants, singers, presenters, etc.

Icon for questionIs there a time limit for the fitting?

During the busy gala periods (January to June) you have a maximum of 1.5 hours to try on gala dresses so that others also have a chance to find their dream dress.

Icon for questionDo you sell dresses multiple times per event?

At each event we carefully keep track of which gala dresses were sold in which color. We only offer one dress per event for each model and color.

To ensure that our offer remains accessible to people with a more limited budget, we unfortunately cannot include gala dresses under € 150 in our registration. These specific dresses must remain available to everyone.

Icon for questionWhen should I start looking for my prom dress?

Particularly for school proms, we often see that a start is made from the end of January/beginning of February to come and buy the most beautiful dress. Most ladies usually have their dress at home 2/3 months before the gala.

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Step into the enchanting world of glamor at Dresses Boutique's breathtaking gala department. Here, the sparkle of the red carpet comes to life, just like the shining stars you know. Let your imagination run wild as you imagine yourself in the most opulent evening dresses, shimmering with sparkling sequins and embellished with elegant feathers.

Our collection includes a wide range of styles, from lush flared dresses to refined and sleek satin creations. What unites them is the unique beauty of simplicity, a subtle feature that makes every dress special.

We are proud of our extensive variety of dresses waiting to be discovered. At Dresses Boutique we believe in your individual beauty and are ready to guide you in finding the perfect dress for the occasion.

Step into the spotlight and immerse yourself in our spectacular gala collection. From cruise dresses to prom dresses and evening dresses, we offer the ultimate in glamor and style. At Dresses Boutique we make your dreams come true with our enchanting selection. Shine bright on your special evening and be enchanted by the allure of our unique gala department.

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