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SWING makes beautiful dresses. No compromises.

They concentrate on what they are good at: festive dresses for the important occasions and special moments in life. After more than 25 years of experience in the fashion industry, they know exactly what it's all about: that a woman feels happy in her dress.

Beautifully styled. For every occasion.
With delicate lace and flowing materials they create dresses of casual elegance. At SWING they love wide swinging skirts and slim-cut dresses, and give timeless classics their urban twist and are equally inspired by both vintage one-offs and Avantgarde looks. Mini, midi or maxi, the showstopper or the sleek understatement - their dresses are as diverse as the women who wear them.

At SWING they love glamor and a focus on quality.
That's why their dresses not only look fantastic: 90% of the collection is produced in Europe – 100% in the coming years. They choose the materials carefully, they know where every single piece is produced - from the thread to the buttons. They ensure that the materials are of high quality and that production is fair and ecological. All this because they believe that clothing only has a personality if it is sustainable. And that SWING dresses are made for life.

180 products

  • Angela jumpsuit Summernight Green Angela jumpsuit Summernight Green
  • Slenda dress Slenda dress

    SWING Slenda dress


  • Chiffon X Brick Red Chiffon X Brick Red

    SWING Chiffon X Brick Red


  • Chiffon X Summernight Green Chiffon X Summernight Green
  • Gelze dress Gelze dress

    SWING Gelze dress


  • Tita dress Tita dress

    SWING Tita dress


  • Bentia dress Bentia dress

    SWING Bentia dress


  • Angela jumpsuit Brick Red Angela jumpsuit Brick Red

    SWING Angela jumpsuit Brick Red


  • Miana dress Miana dress

    SWING Miana dress


  • Angela jumpsuit Mauve Purple Angela jumpsuit Mauve Purple
  • Hurze dress Hurze dress

    SWING Hurze dress


  • Fione jumpsuit Fione jumpsuit

    SWING Fione jumpsuit


  • Satina dress Satina dress

    SWING Satina dress


  • Meranda dress Meranda dress

    SWING Meranda dress


  • Lianda Curvy jumpsuit Lianda Curvy jumpsuit

    SWING Lianda Curvy jumpsuit


  • Chiffon X stola Chiffon X stola

    SWING Chiffon X stola


  • Kitta bolero Navy Kitta bolero Navy

    SWING Kitta bolero Navy


  • Fien jumpsuit Fien jumpsuit

    SWING Fien jumpsuit


  • Kitta bolero Apricot Pink Kitta bolero Apricot Pink

    SWING Kitta bolero Apricot Pink


  • Kitta bolero Candy Pink Kitta bolero Candy Pink

    SWING Kitta bolero Candy Pink


  • Flower X bolero Flower X bolero

    SWING Flower X bolero


  • Siem dress Siem dress

    SWING Siem dress


  • Vigina dress Vigina dress

    SWING Vigina dress


  • Felycia dress Felycia dress

    SWING Felycia dress


  • Gina jumpsuit Gina jumpsuit

    SWING Gina jumpsuit


  • Candy jumpsuit Candy jumpsuit

    SWING Candy jumpsuit


  • Mina Curvy jumpsuit Mina Curvy jumpsuit

    SWING Mina Curvy jumpsuit

    Out of stock


  • Zia dress Melon Pink Zia dress Melon Pink

    SWING Zia dress Melon Pink


  • Form stola bolero Melon Pink Form stola bolero Melon Pink
  • Form stola bolero Soft Green Form stola bolero Soft Green

    SWING Form stola bolero Soft Green

    Out of stock


  • Form stola bolero Rainy Blue Form stola bolero Rainy Blue

    SWING Form stola bolero Rainy Blue

    Out of stock


  • Devi Curvy dress Devi Curvy dress

    SWING Devi Curvy dress


  • Dilana dress Dilana dress

    SWING Dilana dress

    Out of stock


  • Fleuri dress Fleuri dress

    SWING Fleuri dress


  • Linia dress Linia dress

    SWING Linia dress

    Out of stock


  • Rilane dress Rilane dress

    SWING Rilane dress

    Out of stock


  • Zia dress Zia dress

    SWING Zia dress


  • Laila dress Laila dress

    SWING Laila dress


  • Ovia dress Ovia dress

    SWING Ovia dress


  • Birny dress Birny dress

    SWING Birny dress


  • Angela jumpsuit Angela jumpsuit

    SWING Angela jumpsuit


  • Devy dress Red Violet Devy dress Red Violet

    SWING Devy dress Red Violet


  • Devy dress Fashion Lilac Devy dress Fashion Lilac

    SWING Devy dress Fashion Lilac


  • Asina dress Soft Green Asina dress Soft Green

    SWING Asina dress Soft Green


  • Tina jumpsuit Tina jumpsuit

    SWING Tina jumpsuit


  • Bitta dress Bitta dress

    SWING Bitta dress

    Out of stock


  • Hirna dress Hirna dress

    SWING Hirna dress


  • Lina dress Lina dress

    SWING Lina dress


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