Help, how do I dress for a business environment?!

  • , by Roman Rutjens
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Help, hoe kleed ik me voor een zakelijke omgeving?!

When we think of etiquette, we don't immediately think of clothes. Yet it has to do with each other and especially in the way ......

You have finally found that great job you have been looking for for so long. You were dressed top for your job interview, partly thanks to the help of that nice salesperson from the store, so that was fine. Today is your first day at work, but what do you wear? We would like to give you some tips on how to always look good in a business environment. You probably already have an idea of ​​what is expected of you, so see these tips as a guideline and put your own spin on it.

Etiquette in business environments varies considerably from country to country. For example, while in Germany and Belgium dressing behavior is quite classic, in the Netherlands we see that smart casual is the norm in the majority of companies. There are many options to dress up under smart casual. Whether you like to wear a dress or denim, it is possible. Of course, there are also a number of 'rules' attached to this. Of course you can't arrive with ripped, bleached denim nor with a dress that is much too short with a busy print on it. We often see that the use of color is quite subdued (plain colours) and these are combined with a blazer, jacket or cardigan so that they can easily be put on when it is a bit chillier in the office or simply because it is a bit dressier. So keep in mind that if you wear a sleeveless dress, you cannot take off your blazer, jacket or cardigan in a business environment.

Below are some tips to take into account in a business environment:

- Consider the length; knee length or slightly above your knee. This is because it is just that little bit more classic and because in many cases you have to sit in the office and that makes it just that little bit easier.
- Wear nice tights with the right denier and in the right color tone. In the summer months, tights are not always necessary, but if you prefer not to go to work with 'bare legs', you can, for example, put on 15 denier skin-colored tights and they will also give you that extra shine on your legs! In the colder months it is best to choose tights from 20 deniers (the thicker the denier, the less skin you see). You can also match your tights to your outfit color so that your outfit is tonal. (one color in different shades that you combine with each other and that match each other).
- If you go for a dress that is tightly fitted, it is ideal to wear good shape-wear underneath. This gives your body extra support, ensures that your lingerie is not visible and yes, even those small imperfections are nicely covered! More information about all the benefits of this on our SHAPEWEAR page.
- Since the outfits are usually more modest, you can pimp them up a bit by adding beautiful accessories. These could really be a bit more striking. Think of a beautiful necklace with different nice colors, matching earrings and a nice bracelet. You can also add a belt if it matches your dress and shoes.
- Last but not least, the shoes! A nice pump is of course always good and always looks chic. Whether you combine this with skinny denim, trouser suit, dress or a skirt, you can go in any direction with it. You can also opt for a slightly wider or slightly thinner heel. Keep in mind that a closed pump is the neatest in a working environment. If you can't or don't want to wear pumps, there are also plenty of sneakers that are just enough to wear. Of course you don't wear those easy-to-go Nikes or Adidas, but rather opt for Lacoste or Le Coq's. Ballerinas or sandals are a no-go..


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