Washing tips from Wasgeluk by Essentia

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Wastips van Wasgeluk by Essentia

Washing tips from Wasgeluk by Essentia

Laundry happiness and the environment
The fact that we think it is important to make our products environmentally friendly is clear as day! But did you know that you can also wash in an environmentally friendly way? Washing is the household activity that is generally the most harmful. This is due to the energy consumption of the machines that people use, the water consumption and the enormous amount of water waste that comes with it. Do you also want to wash greener? Then we have listed some tips for you.

Use cold water as much as possible
In some cases, hot water is not necessary for washing. Using hot water requires much more energy than using cold water, because it has to be heated up completely. So use cold water when possible.

Wait until the laundry basket is full
By only washing when there is enough laundry, you avoid doing more laundry than necessary. This saves a huge amount of water and energy.

Hang the laundry outside
Dryers consume a lot of energy, making them one of the most harmful household appliances. Try not to purchase a dryer, or use it as little as possible. Hang the laundry in the garden or on the balcony as often as possible.

Use ox gall soap for stubborn stains
Running multiple loads to remove one stain from an item of clothing is of course a shame. Moreover, it is unnecessary. When you apply ox gall soap to the stain, the stain is usually gone after one round of washing.


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