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Read here why we no longer sell through our webshop.

After much thought, we have decided to close our webshop. There are a number of reasons why we have come to this decision. We do not know whether the webshop will be used as a sales channel again in the future, but for now you can only see our range online, which you can then buy in our boutique.

The main reason we stopped selling online is that we noticed that a lot of items were being returned because it is often difficult to estimate which dress is good for your figure from a photo. We also all know that people often shop through multiple web shops and that anything that is not good is returned. As you can imagine, this costs us a lot of time and money. Shipping costs, packaging materials and a lot of time that we would much rather spend on all customers in our boutique who we want to beautifully dress from A to Z until they shine with happiness!

We are aware that Sittard is not close to everyone's doorstep, but believe us, you will certainly not regret it if you come south especially for our boutique. Many customers travel an average of 1.5 to 2 hours because we have so much choice. In addition, a weekend in Sittard or, for example, Maastricht is not a punishment, right? ;)


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