Do's & Don'ts for wedding guests

  • , by Roman Rutjens
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Marriage is an age-old tradition and over time an extensive wedding etiquette has developed. There are also Do's & Don'ts for the wedding guests from the moment the invitation is received until even after the wedding party.


1. Introduction: do not bring someone unexpectedly or unsolicited. The bridal couple will indicate on the invitation whether you can bring someone with you (if you are single).
2. Children: The same rule applies to children. The bridal couple will indicate on the invitation whether they intend to bring your children.
3. Congratulations: when congratulating after the ceremony, the bride is congratulated first and then the groom. At a more formal wedding, the parents stand next to them to receive congratulations. If not: find them to congratulate them!
4. Cell Phone: Don't forget to turn off or silence your phone. Focus your attention on the wedding and the bridal couple, so wait until after the reception before calling, posting or tweeting (about the wedding).
5. Photos: don't just distribute photos of the bridal couple via Facebook or Twitter. that scoop is for the bridal couple themselves!

6. Cake: It's an old rule but don't go home until the cake is cut!


1. RSVP: let the bridal couple know as early as possible whether you will be present at their wedding. In any case within a few weeks, even if the RSVP date is still far away.
2. Gift: if you have received an invitation, provide an appropriate gift for the bridal couple. If you cannot attend the wedding, please send your gift.
3. Travel time: It goes without saying that you are on time for the ceremony, the most important time of the day. So plan enough time to find your way.
4. Table arrangement: stick to the bridal couple's proposal, even if you would rather sit across the street next to the bride's nice cousin. The bride and groom have probably thought about this carefully.

5. Dress code: dress according to the dress code stated on the invitation. This prevents you from being underdressed or seriously overdressed as a guest. If you have any questions about the dress code, ask the master of ceremonies, not the bridal couple themselves.
6. Enjoy: give the bridal couple the greatest pleasure and enjoy their party immensely!


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