Curvy fit

In this category you can shop for dresses, boleros, jackets, etc. up to size 50/52, taking your curves and figure type into account. These dresses are all specially made or purchased to show off your figure at its best. Handy in an overview! In our boutique we have the entire range of curvy models.

572 products

  • Guina dress Guina dress

    Vera Mont Guina dress


  • Fione jumpsuit Fione jumpsuit

    SWING Fione jumpsuit


  • Ciline dress 231757S24 Royal Sapphire Ciline dress 231757S24 Royal Sapphire

    Joseph Ribkoff Ciline dress 231757S24 Royal Sapphire


  • Reggy maxi dress Beige Reggy maxi dress Beige

    Mart Visser Reggy maxi dress Beige


  • Regina-print dress Beige Regina-print dress Beige

    Mart Visser Regina-print dress Beige


  • Renaldi dress 242149 Renaldi dress 242149

    Frank Lyman Renaldi dress 242149


  • Sindra dress Sindra dress

    Hey Kyla Sindra dress


  • Sophie print dress Sophie print dress

    Mart Visser Sophie print dress


  • Joella print tuniek Joella print tuniek

    Mart Visser Joella print tuniek


  • Satina X dress Satina X dress

    Vera Mont Satina X dress


  • Satina dress Satina dress

    SWING Satina dress


  • Meranda dress Meranda dress

    SWING Meranda dress


  • Giulia jumpsuit 233097F24

    Joseph Ribkoff Giulia jumpsuit 233097F24


  • Ricana dress Ricana dress

    Ana Alcazar Ricana dress


  • Birba dress Birba dress

    LolaLiza Birba dress


  • Drena dress Drena dress

    Vera Mont Drena dress


  • Lima dress Lima dress

    Vera Mont Lima dress


  • Tinne dress Tinne dress

    Ana Alcazar Tinne dress


  • Tricia dress Tricia dress

    Ana Alcazar Tricia dress


  • Sinnu dress Sinnu dress

    Ana Alcazar Sinnu dress


  • Lenna jumpsuit Lenna jumpsuit

    Vera Mont Lenna jumpsuit


  • Sana dress Sana dress

    Vera Mont Sana dress


  • Nitre dress Nitre dress

    Vera Mont Nitre dress


  • Nini jumpsuit Nini jumpsuit

    Vera Mont Nini jumpsuit


  • Jana jumpsuit Jana jumpsuit

    Vera Mont Jana jumpsuit


  • Vita dress 242703 Vita dress 242703

    Joseph Ribkoff Vita dress 242703


  • Regina-print dress Regina-print dress

    Mart Visser Regina-print dress


  • Regina print dress Regina print dress

    Mart Visser Regina print dress


  • Reggy maxi dress Reggy maxi dress

    Mart Visser Reggy maxi dress


  • Angela dress Angela dress

    Mart Visser Angela dress


  • Gilly Print dress Gilly Print dress

    Mart Visser Gilly Print dress


  • Remine dress 241428 Remine dress 241428

    Frank Lyman Remine dress 241428


  • Shelly dress 241708 Shelly dress 241708

    Joseph Ribkoff Shelly dress 241708


  • Lianda Curvy jumpsuit Lianda Curvy jumpsuit

    SWING Lianda Curvy jumpsuit


  • Cynthia dress Cynthia dress

    Frank Lyman Cynthia dress


  • Casoria X jacket Offwhite

    Amélie & Amélie Casoria X jacket Offwhite


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